UnicornVR Premium Version 3d Vr Virtual Reality Glasses Google Cardboard Head Mount Plastic Version adjustable focal length

Compared to Google Cardboard, this paragraph eye all-plastic material, more durable, more comfortable to wear. Meanwhile IPD and focal length is adjustable for different face, to provide the most personalized viewing experience exclusive private three-dimensional cinema, immersive and dynamic 3D gaming experience, such as shock immersive, realistic, three-dimensional effect than the cinema the 3D effect is worse. .


Can provide more handset size, the largest mobile phone can provide maximum dimensions: 16.5X8.5 cm (can fit  up to  5.3 inch Screen phone )

A 3mm diameter high lenses, vision even better, provide theater-level 3D viewing effect;

Two lens focal length can be adjusted back and forth, left and right IPD tune, no matter how the user face, you can find the best viewing results, providing the clearest picture;

Adjustable elastic headband, for a variety of head type;

Facial soft silicone ring, you can better fit.

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