Lamy Montblanc, Parker, Mei Ling, Hero and More Ultra Fiber Max 4-pen Case Sleeve Bag Pouch

  • $ 15.00

[Name] more than just pen 
[Use] upscale pen / pen / pen protection 
LAMY hunters use, Montblanc, Parker, Ling America, the hero can be used 
Meticulous close protection your pen; more grades have face 
Product look good stitch, watching cortex, seemingly simple shoddy merchandise is not a simple sewing techniques and nobody cares about the two skins match. Our products dare to enlarge the picture without a needle defect perfect beyond your imagination. 
[Process] sideline craft sewing 
[Size] 16 (variable) * 7.5cm (3% error) 
Ordinary pen can be put to 4 no problem

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